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We are a gaming ecosystem builder. We provide investment, co-development, game launching & market expansion support. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we secure your chances of creating top charting games, world-beloved IPs, and tech unicorns.

If you are a game founder, esports team, or game technology innovator, we are here to make your dreams successful businesses.

Any genre. Any platform. Any size.

Powering the Future of Gaming and Esports

From capital and concept co-development to go-to- market and advancing technologies. We've got you covered.

Founding Partners

We believe in the power of dreams and innovation.

Kristina Frolova Lasenko

Managing Partner & CEO of GGH

Over 9 years of experience in the gaming industry, 12 years of corporate development and global expansion, 3 years of entrepreneurship in innovation

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Anton Vasilev

Founding Partner of GGH

20 years of experience in financing Small and Medium businesses, Esports investment, Fund management.

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Andrey Bulanov

Advisor of GGH

16 years of M&A experience across media, tech, mobility, oil&gas incl 7 M&A deals in gaming

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Mykhailo "Mike" Romanenko

Founding Partner of GGH

10+ years of experience in investment, financial regulation, and corporate structuring

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Jason Fung

General Partner of GGH

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Viktor Kochetov

Founding partner of GGH

10+ years of experience in fintech, business dev, traditional financial markets, and blockchain tech

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Bringing Your Gaming Vision to Life - Making it happen
Bringing Your Gaming Vision to Life - Making it happen
Bringing Your Gaming Vision to Life - Making it happen
Bringing Your Gaming Vision to Life - Making it happen
Date icon 13 Feb 2024
Location icon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi gaming community event by GGH and GCON

We are thrilled to bring the community together and provide access to top industry experts. Global Gaming Hub’s first...

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Date icon 23 Jan 2024
Location icon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Game launch workshop at DeveGo event

DeveGo The Social Development Bank (SDB) Forum for Entrepreneurship and Modern Business Practices. This esteemed...

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Date icon 17 Dec 2023
Location icon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gaming workshop at Dulani, social vevelopment bank

As part of our ecosystem enablement activities, we conducted a workshop on the growth trajectory of gaming studios...

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Date icon 24 Jan 2024
Location icon Riyadh

Attending global esports federation summit and games

We were delighted to attend the worldconnected premier esports event by the Global Esports Federation in Riyadh,...

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Undeniable potential. Opportunity not be missed.

Middle East and Africa is the fastest growing region

Gaming market — Growth Rate by Region (2022-2027)


Saudi players are top spenders in the world


The average revenue per paying user (ARPU) in mobile gaming in Saudi Arabia is $270 vc to $32 in China.
The Kingdom is a key player in the MENA gaming market.

Young population of Saudi Arabia

63% of Saudis are under 30 yo
72% are in working age

Largest number of Players

MENA region’s domestic market is the fastest growing in the world, counting over 377 million estimated players – this is almost as many gamers as all of Europe combined (386 million) and much more than America (210 million).

48% of Saudi Arabia's gamers are women

Gamers population in Saudi Arabia is the highest per capita


people in Saudi Arabia are gamers

Expected Consumption


consumption is expected to grow by 2030 at a compound annual rate of 2 per cent through 2030 from $959 million in 2020

Massive Growth

The games industry in Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing a massive 
41.1% year-on-year growth.

Saudi Arabia ranks


place in the world in term of game market size